Sunday, October 16, 2011

Edgar Degas - Paintings of ballet dancers

The star
Ballet scene
Dancers in blue
Blue dancers
Ballet rehearsal 1873
Ballet rehearsal
The dance examination
Dancer adjusting her slipper
Dancer in front of a window
Dancer III
Dancer on stage
Ballet class 1881
Dancer on stage with a bouquet
Dancers bending down
Dancer with raised arms
Before the performance 1896
Dance class II
Dancers in violet dresses, arms raised, 1900
Ballet dancers in the wings
The green dancer
The star 1871
Dancers, pink and green
Two dancers in the studio I
Danseuse Sur Les Pointes
Ballerina viewed from the back
Dance class 1871
Dancers at rehearsal
Dancers, pink and green I
The dance foyer at the opera on the Rue Le Peletier
Les Pointes